Summer Heat Wave: Water Boils In Kiddie Pool

Mommy loves me this I know, warm pool water tells me so!

Every Summer, my mom would use warm water to fill our kiddie pool. Certain years we went without hot tap water so she boiled water on the stove. Her love for us was demonstrated with every stock pot full of steaming hot liquid she carefully carried through the kitchen, out the back door, down the stoop, to our pop-up pool. When I had a child, I, too, carried warm buckets of hot water from the tub, boiling pots from the stove, and hot cups from the sink. And with each dangerous pot of scalding water, (O. K., I quickly gave up on the pot of water and installed a garden hose adapter for my faucet–screw on the hose, turn on the water–easy peasy.  As long as you remember to have the end of the hose out of the house before turning on the water–oops!)  I realized a character quality possessed by my Dear Mother…

She IS selfish!

That warm pool was for her enjoyment–the fact we were partaking of the perfect temperature was purely coincidental. (And good for her.  She had four demanding daughters. Three demanding daughters and one know-it-all.)

How did I come to realize the warm water was not my mother’s love language being poured out on my behalf? This year I began to add warm water only when I planned on donning a swim suit.  My poor shivering daughter may not have to brave frigid temps this week:  This Momma plans on sitting in the pool with her often–and even though the temps are 100+ I will run my hose to the pool with warm nitrogen-rich well water.  (Everyone knows well water is nearly freezing–55 degrees I was just corrected– and I do have to keep the milk warm for the baby!)

This is the garden hose to kitchen sink adapter.  We Boss Man bought it at True Value in town.  I switch it in and out regularly through the summer but to save you my pics,  look at this step by step pictorial.  Boss Man reminds me to turn the water on before I submerge the hose in water and to take the hose out of the water before I turn off the water.  Something about sucking up dirty pool water into the hose.  (What dirty pool water is he talking about?  My children are cuh-lean.  Not!)