Did I Drink my Baby Blue?!

12:04 Unloading the pack mule (aka mom) in the house, from a monthly well baby visit (in which I managed to squeeze an exam for the eldest and blood work for dear old mommy–loving the family practice method), with a hungry four-year old and waking four-month old, I noticed red flashing lights.

12:05 The answering machine held a message that I was not expecting, the local environmental planning organization wanted me to return their call to their office or cell phone if necessary.  I did what any well-organized mother would do, call with one child loudly miming that she wants to eat and the other crying on my hip wanting to ‘milk.’  Relief spread across my shoulders that he did not answer either phone..

12:27  Brring.  Fumbled the avocado pit, licked my finger, pressed answer on the cordless, Brrring. Pressed answer again as I realized that it was not going to work so I pushed it three more times as I raced for the office, lunged over the desk and swooped up the phone with one child rooting as my nipple lurched in and out of her mouth and the other appeared like Pavlov’s dogs at the sound of the last Brrring.  In her little mind I was distracted so she could probably get me to turn on Mickey Mouse to quiet her down too which I did what any Gentle mother does in this situation–shook her little hand free of my arm, rapidly hit the power button, select,  DVR, arrow-arrow-arrow, select-select-select and drop the remote before I hear the “It’s the mickey mouse clubhouse…” as I repositioned the nursing baby, sat at my desk–all before the man on the phone finished his introduction–thank goodness he works for “The Central Kansas Local Environmental Planning Group.”

12:28 I knew the news would not be good since he was supposed to drop off the results the next day –HIGH NITRATES!  Which is why we get our well tested annually and I replaced my self-imposed annual March water testing ritual with a water breaking babies on her way ritual so here we are Mid July.

My dear Hubby had already told me to get estimates on an R/O and water softener system this weekend. No big deal we will quit drinking the water, get a system installed, and tell the doctor that I have been nursing my baby with nitrates infused milk, call my sister and tell her that yes she was right her babies vomiting and  yes the loose stools and oh yes that too, her own tummy aches were related to my well like she thought.  Wonder if I should tell all those nice guests at our annual Fourth of July Celebration that my fresh squeezed lemonade tasted great because I laced it with nitrates.  I looked at my baby really close to see if she looked blue because according to the CKLEPG man, Robert, the real concern is with Blue Baby Syndrome–I thought her skin was darker than ours though it was not exactly blue-BUT her eyes they are very blue–maybe I should call the doctor–oh yeah we just go home from the Doctor’s office for the baby…. where I efficiently made use of one appointment and he is calling me back this evening with my test results–I probably should not bother him. Patience.  Then I breathe, God is so good–we already planned on investing in a water system, Hubby bought an extra case of bottle water that I silently thought would take up space for a while, and I do not have to wonder if I should bother the doctor because he is already planning on calling me!

Are your nitrates high? (sang to Do you ears hang low?)

Are your nitrates high? Do they rise and do they fall? Do you test water well or have faith that all is swell?  Do you lace your lemonade or drink your baby blue are your nitrates high?