Merry Christmas! I Heart the Twelve Days of Christmas!

Merry  Christmas!  Yesterday, we celebrated the second night of Christmas…

Another of my transparent friends (and I mean in her walk with Christ) created these beautiful Christmas stocking cookies…she bakes to raise money for mission trips.

the day started with an impromptu play date with my neighbor…friend…accountability partner…..mother of my daughter’s best friends….



we tried to end the gathering for over an hour…but the girls kept getting distracted with more and more topics to talk through…

he she checked out her job as official Cookie licker….she returned it to the plate and reached for another :) I handed her the cookie with her name…it is not her fault she can’t read yet ….

and by girls I mean the thirty-somethings sitting at the kitchen table over shrimp cocktail, kettle corn and lemonade…nothing says the Second day of Christmas like lemonade …like christian fellowship for all ages.

..mid afternoon brought an email from a friend written in Ann Voskamp’s wonderful style…a thank you that  joy coated my heart–warmth–fullness–  transported me to the back seat of her SUV to enjoy the conversation between her and her little one…..

I ordered an extra stocking for Jesus…my friend was inspired to create heart for her Gingerbread boys and girls with initials of each family member…on Christmas Morning they discussed the gift Jesus wants most…our hearts…then each member was able to place their ‘heart’ in Jesus stocking. LOVE IT!!!

Dinner’s conversation on a collaboration Boss Man and I are planning for the girls’ valentine’s gift…how many apostrophe’s can I get in one sentence?

I am excited about working with my husband on a creative project and for our progeny :)

of course I had order stockings so we took the hearts from our stocking and put them on Jesus year I am ordering Gingerbread boys and girls!

A simple Christmas hymn at bed time with the girls after bible reading and a hard mile on the treadmill…hmmm is this what the second day of Christmas should look like?

…… I realized I did not find my quiet time…I shot up my prayers through the day but my special time with God was confined to my post midnight reading ……so today I ponder  as I prepare for my quiet time… What songs did Jesus sing?  Who did he play with in the streets of Nazareth? Did he have a pet? A kitten? a Dog?  it doesn’t matter I know for if it did the bible would have spoken on the topic…but these are the questions of little girls and I am his little girl….and I want to know him…so as I ponder the gifts he has given to me I wonder if he enjoyed them on earth…as I attempt to ponder his delight in my girls…Boss Man ….me…