Farm Dictionary

Welcome to the Fridays in Farmland Dictionary.  These words are used in my weekly stories about our agriculture life and the people we interact with while running our family farm and ranch.  Please let me know if you would like to know another word or need further explanation on my informal definitions.

*acre: about the size of  a football field minus the endzones

*Cattle Panels: a series of metal panels that make a corral and a loading chute

*cattle pot: a semi-trailer used for hauling cattle or hogs.

*cultivate: break up soil to prepare for planting…farmers also cultivate ground between crops to get rid of weeds…we do not do this very often because of the herbicides (weed killer/preventers) .  By using the chemical weed management we use less fuel and compact the ground less.

*row cropping: placing plants in rows…and I just learned that wheat is not a row crop..a row crop is a crop such as corn that leaves enough space between the rows to culitvate the ground…yes I know another word..

*section: 640 acres (an acre is roughly the size of a football field minus the endzones)….one square mile

*Shelter belts: a row of trees (sometimes several trees deep) that provide a wind break and habitat for wild life and they some how keep the ground warmer over night.

*Quarter (of a section): 160 acres… a quarter of a mile square

*wheat pasture : farm ground that is planted to wheat can be grazed for several months with minimal damage to crop yield if you remove the cattle soon enough…soon enough is an ambiguous time frame of the wheat plant’s stage of growth.