Fridays in Farmland

Welcome to Fridays in Farmland!

This is where you will meet the cast of characters who make our Farming/Ranching dream…safer….profitable…efficient….possible!

The people who Boss Man interacts with via email… calls…and, yes, even snail mail…but usually face to face.

Building relationships is essential to all business….though I overlooked this aspect of farming and ranching……

I grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City and thought of farmers and ranchers as loners…independent types that do not need anyone….and while Boss Man is content  in solitude for hours and hours and days and weeks in a tractor…We depend on many individuals in a variety of what I call non-traditional Ag industries….and I want to share how their stories interact with our Farm with the world.


My view-point is directly influenced by our operation….So let me begin with the setting, Our Family Farm.

Meet the Family that makes up our Farm.

Farm Posts:

Farm Dictionary

The Snow must go on!

Farmland! Snownland!

This 2013 Super Bowl Dodge Ad summed up what I hope to portray to my little girls….

I was a proud Momma when the little girl in the plaid shirt appeared on the screen and my Pippi said, “That is Me!”

Yes, sweetie, she is just like you… a farm girl!

The Future of Farmland…practicing the hand-off