Meet Amber


Welcome to my scattered thoughts. You probably want to know a little about me…

The greatest compliment I have received came from a friend who felt her shoulders relax every time she turned down our long drive.  I want everyone to feel that way in our home.  Come on in, grab a drink, and prop up your feet….stay awhile.

Choosing a name for a blog was almost as hard as choosing a name for my girls, Pippi and is why you are at A Gentle Word and not something like Sandhill Plums or Sister Talks Too Much.

My most controversial post was about a snake.

My most hesitant post was also about a snake of another sort.

And my most tear stained posts are about little girls…one who lived and one who lives in Heaven and about babies whose final earthly home is the womb.

I like taking pictures…Boss Man decided I was a real photographer who should have a real camera after this post about a snake…I seem to have  theme.

I blushed and felt like a school girl when I received a shout out about my food photography on this post.

I started homeschooling my kindergartener on Monday (August 15th, 2012)  after years of debating back and forth…maybe I will post about it..and maybe we will be in a classroom setting by the time I do post. We are using My Father’s World.

I have an amazing prayer partner two states away and an amazing small group of women that I meet with weekly. My quiet time with the Lord is the last thing I do before I sleep..or maybe the first thing I do if you follow the Jewish tradition of sundown starting the new day.

Our home is full of many precious items that I would shudder if they were missing: laughter, wonder, sweat, tears, encouragement and support. I am not afraid of hard work–the truth is I actually yearn for it. I like to read and learn and learn and read and share what I have just learned with those around me.   I have been encouraged through many ladies in my life and I hope to spread that same Love of Christ with this blog.  I will be authentic–not perfect but authentic.

Talk to you soon!