Fit Fridays

For most of my life, the word fit referred to health and exercise.  Then, I met ladies on the internet.

Ladies, who found me because of this blog having farm topics.

Ladies, who used this word in the most abstract manner…

“We were fitting this afternoon.”


“Fitting is a chore”

I quickly surmised they were not uber-cool moms with a new slang term for exercise.  I mean they may be absolutely are uber-cool.

But realizing they are cool, still left me wondering about my un-cool confusion.

So I did what any wannabe cool blogger does-I put up a smiley face and waited to figure out what they were talking about.

Almost a year passed before I asked.

By this time, I garnered ‘fitting’ referred to cattle, but what were they doing to the poor cattle–dressing them in costumes?

“The Ladies” sent me to a cattle show web page with a new list of words I did not understand but I vaguely decided: Fitting must mean getting cattle pretty for a show.

I had visions of beauty pageants and shrugged my shoulders, remembering how much I disliked the superficial, partial nature of horse shows and cheerleading competitions.  Not my cup of tea to present myself under the scrutiny of a mere human more often than life already requires. I stopped my quest to understand ‘fitting.’

fast forward a few months…

Monday,  I read this post, penned by one of The Ladies.  In it I learned my new working definition for “fitting”: “Every hair in place, every positive accentuated.” -Melinda Bastian, 2015.

And while I may not apply this new knowledge to cattle any time soon, I have applied it many times this week–to my life.

Tuesday morning, as I brushed my hair and reached for the electric razor, I thought of how I  could benefit from ‘fitting,’ Every hair in place, every positive accentuated.

And this morning, I realize show cattle are not just getting their exteriors fitted–the internal work of fitting their behavior had occurred over many months–it is not tangible, yet it is the first place to start.  “…Every positive accentuated.”

What a perfect description of my personal and parenting goals–‘Every Positive Accentuated’–

if I can do that with ‘every hair in place’ I deserve a blue ribbon.

Fitting Friday~Amber




  1. Melinda says:

    Amber, I love this post. I so wish I would realize not everyone speaks show calves. As you know, I’m the farthest you San get from a pageant mom. But that made me smile. :)

    • I am just beginning to see the deeper side to your showing culture–learning to stand respectively while being measured by another person’s standards is a theme I want to ponder. And so many other qualities that are put into practice whilst showing of any type. Pageants included :)

  2. Amber! Great post and yes, some of us don’t know the terms! You are not alone!

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