My Monday

Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week.  A day with friends and family in fellowship.

A day to start over, begin again,  refresh, renew…

So that makes Monday my second favorite day of the week…and today the house needed a fresh start after a long high fever from my little guy, E, 105.1!

The dishes piled, the clothing strewn, books scattered, toys tossed…and what started as a tidy has turned into a spring time purge…a “thinning out party” according to a dear friend.

Spring winds howl around our distinguished farm house–whistle through the window casings–and I am piling bags of “extra” on the front porch for the visiting turkey and deer to ponder.

This is beginning of a huge project we have undertaken on the farm–Farmhouse Remodel!  (more on that in the future)

To prepare for the live-in remodel, I am thankful I began organizing my life over at Power Of Mom’s.  I participated in a free webinar last month and have been a busy bee powering through all those random thoughts in my head and random notes in my life…the webinar is encouraging—well if you consider crying a sign of  being encouraged.  Here is the link to the webinar–they do have a paid portion of the website–it may or not be beneficial to you to have a step by step  plan to getting organized in all aspects of your life–for me it was TIME.

I realized that if I am going to help Boss Man with his tasks on the farm–I needed to prove my abilities with my own tasks first.  This is not a new idea–but it was the first time I was ready to take this serious–as soon as I began undertaking being organized, we decided it was also time for a remodel at our home.

Already it has been a fun journey–I love meeting people–and learning new  information.  After having five different companies look at our basement I have the pleasure of spending the afternoon with a structural engineer next week.  Sometimes I think I just like to pay city people to visit me in the country.


Time for my break to end and the focused purge to continue, here’s to a new beginning!

Happy Monday!



  1. Kim's County Line says:

    Hope your little guy is feeling better this week! With a sunrise like that, you should definitely feel empowered! Good luck with the organization and remodel.

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