Christmas In The Country 2015 REVEAL

The Twelfth Night has passed and today, in order to complete this post, I was forced to open my gift to myself…photos from the season.


Well, that is not even my last gift…I have yet to open most of my Christmas Cards—a punishment from the guilt I feel for not sending cards for the second year in a row…Cards are my favorite gift..especially when they arrive like my Christmas In The Country partner’s did.

Tracy made this Snowman! And the Wheat ornament (I had never heard of these) is from her private collection!

Let me take you back to that day…

The Rural Route Mail Lady waddled up my sidewalk trying to balance six or seven packages and open our screen porch door.  I met her with hopeful girls hanging on my legs…”are the gifts for us?”  I deposited the packages with a quick glance at the addresses and my heart skipped…

Could my secret partner really be her?

This post to my secret farm wife hideaway on the Internet

Yes, That Happened

Followed by this:


The enjoyed the special gifts Tracy sent for them…we finished off the last treat yesterday…somehow I managed to not get a picture of the chocolates she sent…oops! or the flashlights…oh, well. Tracy is Awesome and I am Aspiring!




Tracy made this Snowman!! And gifted me a wheat ornament (I had never heard of these) from her collection!


These are a few of Tracy’s favorite things from Nebraska.



So are you wondering who was the  “RockStar” by whom my family was graced?

Non other than the World Famous Matriarch of  THE ZCREW!  The Zeorian Harvesting Crew documents their travels in the High Plains Journal (A publication all farmers and ranchers must subscribe to if they are really farmers and ranchers—P.S. Bossman placed an ad for a cat it please.  P.S.S. I failed that question in my animal science class at KSTATE.. High Plains Journal–what does that have to do with Dodge City and Kansas..isnt’ Kansas on the Prairie?  What are Plains? My city girl ignorance…)

Ok, Back To Tracy:  She has a heart of Gold..I enjoyed reading her blog posts @ Nebraska Wheatie  about harvest…her love of Nature, Photography, Family and Ag melted by heart.  AKA I cried…her handwritten note in my Christmas Card  related to my miscarriage and how she expected my children to be underfoot while opening a package, she explained why she choose each gift…oh,I am hopeful to meet her in person soon!

Ok, those kids who are usually underfoot..are painting in the carpeted  living room…so I am off to join in the fun!

One last Merry Christmas,


P.S. if you would like to see where I sent my gift visit Chelsea @ BoilerMakerAG

P.S.S. Thank you to the Ladies who organized our Amazing Gift Exchange:

This Uncharted Rhoade  CountryLINKed  The Ranch Wife Chronicles  Diaries From the Dirt Road



  1. Tracy is indeed a wonderful individual and I too hope to meet her in person some day soon too. Or I will just follow her harvest path and meet her this summer out on the road. Who knows, it could happen.

    What a beautiful thing to include gifts for your children. Several have done that and it just warms my heart. I can assure you that this exchange will continue, no matter how many we get. HUGS to you Amber girl!

  2. Aw Amber…you have just made my day! Star crazed is something you shouldn’t be with me!! I’m just an ordinary person doing all the same things you do. Actually, probably less than you do – you have little kids. I’m so glad you enjoyed your gifts! Seeing all you just took time to write about and what you got from what I sent was worth every second of time it took! We will meet one day!!
    God bless you and your family!

  3. What a great and sweet gift! Tracey is a bit of a superstar in my mind too, as are some of the others who participated. Aren’t we lucky they mix with us 😉 But seriously, you all have no idea how much joy and peace it is bringing to me to go through and read each of these posts and see the connects and love. We are all so blessed! Thanks for participating, even with your busy schedule! We loved having you!

  4. What a beautiful connection you and Tracy have formed. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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