Monday Dance Party

Tonight we danced.
The girls put on their “church” clothes and picked out my outfit. A satin floral, print dress with a colorful accessory…a hot pink, poof- eared headband. They even choose Little Bull’s “church outfit.” Some how Boss Man convinced the girls he was suitably dressed in a T-shirt and jeans.

After a dinner on paper plates, we danced to keyboard music. We each choose our favorite number to dance to a random preset song. I feel most comfortable dancing in one of two styles…the first is a mix of free form, martial arts, ballet and the next is swing dancing.

The first is best performed alone…or while entertaining a non-verbal baby. But I digress..tonight was a partner dance I choose swing.

Swing dancing with my girls reminded me of how much I love to dance…watching my girls dance in their father’s arms melted my heart and reminded me that Boss Man promised to learn to dance while I was partially paralyzed after Pippi’s birth.

I like to tease Boss Man that he must have really thought I had no chance of walking….but the reality is this sweet man brought tears to my eyes when he presented catheter wearing, walker toting me with a gift of an instructional dance DVD and the pledge to learn to dance with me.

I may have to recycle that DVD as a stocking stuffer for a family gift…maybe every Monday will be Dance Party this long, cold winter.

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