Royals: Holding My Breath

The Royals are tied late in the game. My children are sleeping…my mind slides into home…decades ago


locusts siren the second half of summer….nearly drowning out the raucous fun of the neighbor kids playing ball in the street.

I lay in my bed, trying to not feel sorry for myself…an eight o’clock bedtime was much to early..the sun was still up…but mom would have my sisters and I up at five-thirty so she could get us to the babysitters before work.

A tear runs down my cheek…I do not even have a book to read ….I long for school…and remember the Royals baseball cards I earned at school…George Brett was my hero…the Royals were one of the greatest teams in history.

I imagine them winning the World Series this year as I flip through the radio stations.

Tonight, The Game is on.   I listen to each pitch, steal, strike, ball, pop up fly, out…I imagine what each player looks like….how they stand…what colors they are wearing.

I listen to the stories of life off the field….and long to help these mere mortals.

As the final innings draw near I begin what would turn into my game night ritual…

“God, whoever you are please take all my energy from me and give it to this player…I am young and do not need this energy to lay in bed please give my extra energy to this player. Help him get a home run, or a hit…”

I never doubted that the Royals were the better team on the field.  The thought of losing never entered my mind as a possibility.

Every game they were losing I would try another tactic…breath holding…

“I am going to hold my breath to give all my energy to this player…I’m am holding my breath…………..holding my breath so he can hit farther….run faster……holding my breath DARN!  He stepped out of the batters box….( gasp gasp gasp). Ok I am holding my breath again…”

Ever loss stung, as I cried myself to sleep…feeling sorry for the champions who were robbed.  I never thought the Royals could lose….every loss was an unfair mistake…this pre teen girl knew the truth…

The Royals are World Series Champions.


Tonight I sit here with my baby boy on my lap watching home runs rain down in extra innings…and I, this thirty something momma, is hopeful…maybe, just maybe, the Royals really are World Champions…




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