Baby Sign Language: Milk

What is interesting about me telling you the word and sign we are learning?

Nothing…well, maybe where Milk comes from or where it ends up….on my shirt, bra, pants, sofa, floor, trash can, magazines, bible, sink, purse, diaper bag, church pew, hair ….I will stop, because again it is not that interesting–not in this format.

I learned my first baby signs at My Baby Can Talk.   They have an excellent video dictionary.

This week we are adding Milk to our daily usage.  I do not expect my baby to use this sign until he is nine months and correctly around ten months.

That gives you plenty of time to recognize the sign–then when he signs ‘milk’ you should find my bra that is where he keeps his milk.


  1. Love this! :) Laughing and loving it!

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