Christmas In The Country Surprise

Boss Man handed me a packaged as he stomped in the back porch, covered in a day’s worth of cattle grime.  I smiled, wondering what he had done….then I spied the With a confused laugh, I asked if he had bought me something from…nope.

My sister visited and warned me that I could have recieved something that would make me blush--so I have not taken a peak.

My sister visited and warned me that I could have recieved something that would make me blush–so I have not taken a peak.

Boss Man accused me of shopper’s amnesia.

In the package were a trio of boot stockings…no name…a true secret santa.


The ladies in my bible study laughed with me as I related the mysterious gift from some company named


A week later I received another suspicious package–this time I laughed for several minutes.  A lump of coal with a tag you’ve been naughty…this time there was a clue–Colby of

And I laughed harder–a stranger who knows little about me sent me a lump of coal–how did he know that I had been bad this year?  And how did I forget about the Christmas in the Country gift exchange for rural/Ag bloggers created by Laurie of and Jamie of


I reason Colby has a great sense of humour–or he thinks my blog is stupid and that I have been naughty with only a handful of posts in 2013?  I am not certain…but either way his gifts proved to lighten the mood as we prepared for a pre-Christmas snow storm that dumped a foot of snow on our cattle.

As the twelve days of Christmas come to an end over the weekend I look forward to the next Christmas Season–reminded by Colby’s lump of coal that in spite of being naughty God still loves me and sent Jesus as a gift of payment for my sins.

p.s. if you want to see who I had the pelasure of meeting and sending a gift cick here!


  1. Haha! Leave it to the boy of the group to go a little out of the box! Glad you enjoyed your gift – and thanks for stopping by and linking up!

  2. So glad you were able to participate! You are so right. Even thought you may or may not of been bad this year, God loves you know matter what! I have a feeling that Colby’s lump of coal will lead to many smiles for days to come. Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you, ladies, for the fun!


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  2. […] and scented like real coal, but what a creative reminder about the real reason for the season! You can read more about Amber’s experience of receiving the coal here. On the back of the tag it has the history of where this coal has traveled each year so my job now […]

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