Event Planning: Porta-Potty Numbers

I have avoided blogging lately under the auspices that I am busy with planning an event…but I realized I am learning very valuable information along the way and thought I would share.

The question plaguing me this week:  How many portable toilets do I need to rent?  The gentleman at the local portable toilet renting business was a little unsure of how to determine with my specific event so we settled on two..and then I remembered that I have Google services at my finger tips.  What do you know two great resources popped up:


One charting hours of duration/number of attendees


The other Graphing Hours of Duration/number of attendees/male/female/alcohol consumption


Not exactly what I dreamed of my first event planning post..but it was one of my top five musts for the event to occur.

Talk to you soon,


p.s. I’ll try to refrain from  no potty talk next time.


  1. HA!!! Great post! It is amazing what you don’t think of until you have to plan something like you are. Great job finding the google resources.

  2. For some reason, this made me laugh. Potty humor is usually the product of the males in my family, but I guess it just struck me funny. On the other hand, we women all know how important bathrooms are – even the porta-potty variety. Good luck with the planning!

    • Thank you Kim! I also learned that the larger units do not hold as much–but I as mom know it is near impossible to squeeze into a regular sized unit and help a two year old on the toilet…so we must have the larger unit–then I was told it will fill up first because everyone will prefer it.. Guess we will have two large sized units. Hope you enjoyed the inside scoop on… sorry–I am sooo bad.

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