Well, I am back from my hiatus.

I did it again, I began to aim for perfection then realized I was falling short of my goals and turned my attention elsewhere.  The good news is else where was on my family and home.  In the past few months we took a vacation, Boss man planted thousands of acres of corn, beans and milo.  If you are asking what is milo…I hear looks like a corn plant when it is first growing…I will have to add this to my farm dictionary.  We usually do not plant milo but due to the drought and irrigation limit s we are being flexible.  and now we have harvested thousands of acres of wheat..with two more days left and a severe thunderstorm looming.    This wheat crop was disappointing on the dryland fields and  slightly below our goal on the irrigated…ten percent to be exact..the exact percentage our agronomist predicted in freeze damage….I suggested to Boss Man we readjust our lofty triple digit goal…today I would trade the 90 bushel wheat and the 108 degree day…any for 108 bushel wheat and 90 degrees?   Ok I am rambling as I prone to do…but I am back and hopefully I can share the complexities this agriculture culture I living int he midst of in plain talk but I am still learning and at times it feels like a research paper just explaining a five minute conversation with Boss Man and his Dad….or even taking messages…as I sat down I listened to the answering machine from a number listed as U.S. Government:

Boss Man this is Marty with the FSA.  I have an availability on July 22 at 9am to enroll in the farm program and report spring seeded crops.  I actually knew what she was talking about but I still decided to email it to Boss Man rather than convey it on phone while he was driving the combine with his little phone piece in his ear…or leave a message where a certain six year old may decide to paint a pretty 4th of July flag…but I could not begin to explain what all this entails without some serious research with Google and Boss Man’s dear wise mother…patient, kind and detailed mother.


and you deserve a picture..let me dig one out of the external hard-drive….ok it is not hooked-up.  I took it with me to  our tornado shelter last month and forgot to plug it back in…so ….well I found this from last year…this is my excuse for no recent photos on my computer…I live in tornado alley.

Where is my external hard drive?


  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging! We all take our breaks and sometimes that is what we need to clear our heads and start anew. (Also means that things are really, really busy!) Keep up the good work and I for one am looking forward to getting to know you and your blog better!

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