Farming St. Paddy’s Style!

Green is my favorite color…

This is my ninth wind-blown spring as the farmer’s wife…my eleventh spring break looking out at the tree anemic central plains…the dead sky-scraping cotton woods and porcupine Honey Locusts will burst forth with the color I long all winter for as I drive the sandy roads….but not yet…

The color of life…renewal…my eyes ache as I scan the prairie only to gasp a new reality…..Wheat is my favorite crop! And let me give  rye it due as well….all winter long the ‘miracle grow’ green color sustains my color searching heart…and in March before the wild nature springs to color my eyes rest upon the emerald display. Boss Man earns brownie points for the lush green…sticker free…landscape he planted me back in the fall…

Wheat Picnic



Oh, Wheat!

You are a lush retreat

under my unshod children’s feet!

Spring would not be complete

without this emerald meet and greet!

My step is once again upbeat!

Oh! Wheat you are Replete!

~ 2013



Thanks for visiting our little patch of green!


p.s. What did you think of my original poem?

p.p.s.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. Krystal K says:

    Great Pics :) and emerald is the color of the year. I can not believe how big Fi is, time goes so fast.

    • OH Krystal! you had to point out my girls wearing the same outfit four months apart lookiing twice as old…what kind of friend are you?

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