New Beginnings

Happy Friday! I have a confession…

Friday does not hold the same promises it once did…there is no end of the farm work week…cattle still get fed on Sunday–twice.  Sunday is nice with fewer responsibilities and Worshiping in town with fellow believers.

But, I am usually giddy for Monday…

I love fresh starts…a new opportunity to get it it better…re-set…start-over…Mondays are this girl’s favorite day!

My next to last butternut squash…the garden is outside this window waiting to be prepared for the new season.

And on the Farm I suppose March is as  good as a Monday…Well, maybe March is more like Sunday night.  It is a time of finalizing  plans for the rest of the year…What to crop to plant?  Where to plant it?  How to prepare the ground?  Double check the fertility?  Ready the Planter…

Ready the Planter..that was the task  Boss Man tackled, yesterday.  He drove to an out of the way farm field with a stray storage shed that houses our planter and planter tractor…the big one!

And…well that was about it…after loading trailer after trailer of cattle…cattle were shipped to the sale barn an hour north of us and cattle were shipped to a buyer from an internet auction a few weeks back…so the big process of “go through the tractor” began by the simple two hour task of getting it to the farm site…it seems everything takes time on the farm.


Speaking of the planter I am reminded of the time Boss Man was filmed for YouTube …Take a look here and prepared to be…wowed?


And do not get me wrong about Fridays…we know how to spend a Friday night click here if you want proof.


Here is my true confession: I once again allowed Friday’s in Farmland to slip to the bottom of my agenda…something about a two year old birthday party looming and three sick charges in my home…There is always next  Monday to prepare for a great Friday in Farmland post!  Until then, I hope you enjoyed another snippet from our farm life!  

p.s. the squash photos are from my butternut squash soup recipe….yummy!  Pippi requests it when she is sick…few things make a momma’s heart skip more than meeting a need for a sick child….








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