Shoot, I Failed Ranch Rodeo School!

Once upon a time lived a cowboy…

Cowboy Frank……


His sons host an annual  ranch rodeo in his memory….

last night I had the privilege of attending….

with hopes of capturing great photographs to share with these young men..









you may remember one of Frank’s Sons as the humorous cowboy who cracks jokes at my expense… he is the black hat watching his brother James…I can only imagine the jokes James will endures about his team mates pinning him under a steer during the competition.













the next raucous laughter was at this Cowboy’s expense during the bronc riding competition…

His pony did not have much buck…

even the pick-up riders were laughing…

the entire ride…needless to say the cowboy stayed on… with a redo promised.





I failed my skills could not match the dim conditions, the speed, the dust…not a single picture that is framable…but I know have more skills to use next year!


  1. It is not easy to shoot action shots – EVER! Even though I love photography, I know I couldn’t do it as a profession because of the pressure of getting quality shots and not having the ability to go back and re-shoot when things don’t turn out as you plan. At least digital photography has helped a little bit with that, though seeing it on the camera and looking at the shots on the computer screen are much different! Looks like a fun time, and I’m sure they appreciate the effort!

    • Oh, Kim THank you!!! I agree..professional stress would probably end my love of photography. And I am honored that you read my random blog. :)

  2. Erin@ Diaries from the Dirt Road says:

    Hey I found your blog from the list Jamie from Uncharted Rhoad posted for the Christmas gift exchange! I have to say I am not a pro at action shots either!! I got a nice camera in April and went to some rodeos thinking I’d take some awesome action shots…..well….. it’s so hard! Then on top of the movement, most were at night or in buildings so it was a failed experience! I still think some of yours are pretty neat looking!! I look forward to following your blog!!


    • Hi Erin! Thank you for the kind comments. I enjoy photography and learning new skills so we can watch each other’s progress in 2014. Merry Christmas!

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