The Heart of Farming: Family

Welcome to Fridays in Farmland!

 Last week I rambled about acres and sections and quarters and soil and drought and crops…oops!  I am doing it again….

That was the technical aspect of our farm….this week I give you the heart of a farm…perfect for Valentine’s Day Weekend!


Our most recent family pic…doesn’t everyone take an annual Ash Wednesday photo at 9pm?

The Family…I do not have an extended family photo…I think I have a new project!


We are a family farm….Boss Man & Me and our daughters, Pippi and Fi, Papa & Grandma, and Boss man’s Twin sister, Auntie.

People mistakenly think we are part of a larger family farm….Boss Man’s uncles both farm, his distant cousins live on our same county road and in their family the son farms, the dad farms and so do the uncle and his twin boys…There is a lot of farming going on in our family tree….or you could say a lot of Family in Farming.

Back to our farm family…

Once upon a time a farmer moved because of religious persecution…and then moved again for the same reason…the third move brought him to Central Kansas.  Several generations later…

An Eastern Kansas girl joined the Kappa Delta Sorority at Kansas State and met a farmer from Ellinwood, Kansas a marriage proposal and  two kids later…An Eastern Kansas girl joined the Kappa Delta Sorority at Kansas State and met a farmer from Ellinwood, Kansas a marriage proposal and  two kids later…. that is not a typo… Boss Man and I met in a very similar fashion to his parents…but we do have different stories…

Papa and Grandma met at Kansas State University in the late seventies…My wonderful Mother-in-law has a degree in Fashion…and when I met her she had a calf with a broken leg living in the sun porch of her elegant brick home.  She is an amazing woman…one part patience, two parts generous…and humble…quiet…so I will not say much more…but the woman is a great encourager and has a servant’s heart….and can talk the most hardened hearted paper pusher into explaining the details of farm policies without missing the tiniest detail of nuance…yes, farming is a passion but it is big business and big business means lots of regulations….oh, and the woman who has a way with words is a soothe-sayer…she can soothe the most contrite child…she tends imaginary boo-boo’s and is the champion of “one more” ….I hope to be a grandma with the grace of this woman…(she learned it from her mother, Grandma Ruby,a school nurse who had open hours in the front room of their Baldwin City, Kansas home. She lived her last years with Grandma and Papa…)

Papa is a farmer…a cattle man…and he  looks more like a banker to me…Please, do NOT ask why…I do not know….It might be his tall and narrow build..or his gentle spirit…or maybe it is that I expected a farmer to be more rugged and less business like…He farms big…he dreams big…he worked hard…he works hard…he has a hard work ethic…but do not let that fool you..he has a candy drawer in his office and any little girl lucky enough to ride in his truck gets a fun trip to Walgreen’s for a toy and candy….and juice..not one hundred percent fruit juice..but real sugar-spiked juice with only  ten percent healthy stuff!  And he will “tell” the girls not to eat all the candy…but Boss Man remembers trips with his dad to check on pastured cattle over an hour away…he tells stories of french fries and candy and stomach aches un-revealed for fear that the free-for-all snack fest would be stopped by some well meaning Farm Woman…And Papa is a Gideon…he puts forth his work ethic to sharing bibles with people all over the world…(I would like to point out…Papa and Grandma work as a team…she also works HARD on all of Papa’s projects…he knows he is blessed to have her for a wife…and her respect for him is mirrored.)

Grandma and Papa were blessed with twins, Boss Man and Auntie….Twins that arrived two months early…twins that were revealed in the hospital…CAN YOU IMAGINE?  My Poor Mother-in-law went to the local doctor because she was concerned about strange feelings….the Doctors were all out of town at a convention.   The back-up medical professional told her she should drive to Wichita…two hours away….so she drove to the farm..found Papa in  a field and told him they should drive to Wichita…several hours later they were told the babies were trying to come out early…BABIES!  Yep, that is my Boss Man and his sister…they have a way of doing things their way…

We now refer to Boss Man’s sister as Auntie…and as far as my girls are concerned she is better than Wal Mart and Mc Donald’s combined.  She is the girl who studied.  The girl who followed the rules.  The woman who keeps a tight schedule and has more fashion sense than I will ever..ever…ever possess.  She remembers names and birth dates and events and history…she knows who is related to who or whom or whom to who…any how AUNTIE KNOWS!  She plays dolls better than Mommy, she cooks better Mac and Cheese than Mommy, she buys cooler toys than Mommy, and Pippi is moving in with her when she turns 6!  I love this woman…she is more giving and more graceful than I will ever be…and she is a reserved person so that is all I will share…Oh, she is an accountant….a perfect fit for a family farm….there are stacks and stacks of paper work required to run a farm…I will share more about all the specialists we interact with as a farm…stay tuned.

As for Boss Man…the man can run…and he likes to run…he runs from the tractor to the truck…just because…he runs from the tractor to the pivot…. because why would you walk? (I think walking in sharp corn stalk stubble is justified but I am a former city girl so I just smile and daydream about how to not say, “I told you so” if he ever falls). And I am not certain why I told you that…He is funny…The man can laugh…. and cracks jokes…he is P.A.T.I.E.N.T   and Boss Man is reserved.   He is wise..I still remember our dating days..I was over emotional about something and may have been talking loudly when he calmly looked at me and said, “Why are you yelling?  I am listening to you.”  Boy, oh, boy, does he have a way with words…they cut to the truth of a matter.    Boss Man likes to treat what is important to him extremely well….he used to stop at the local grocery store and buy his dog a steak every time he came home from college…He still treats his animals well.  I will have to dig out the pre-digital photos of him dressing his dogs to match him (white t-shirts so him and his “brothers’ would look alike).  He is an amazing Dad!  I feel like I am a making a commercial…any how he is attentive to me and our girls…he loves to joke and tease and make us laugh…he can get into his inner “kid” so well that it is inspires others to join in the fun.  He enjoys the smell of silage and freshly worked ground..yes, he likes the smell of dirt!  He is not brand loyal…color of tractor or make of pick-up does not matter to him as much as the local service and the quality of product.  and….. have you ever tried to describe the man you love in a paragraph?  it is tougher than I thought…He is a student of his passion…reading and researching and networking as challenges and opportunities arise…he embraces change on our farm if it makes us more efficient, safer, and is financially viable….(because as all business owners know safety and efficiency of man hours, fuel consumption, bushels grown, pounds gained…are only useful if you are making money…otherwise the farm is at stake…p.s. these are all my words not Boss Man’s…as he is a man of few words…he is not fond of me putting words in his mouth…I am certain the same should be said for the rest of the family as well…I take full responsibility for putting my foot in my mouth :)

That leaves me and the girls…I think the rest of the blog introduces us pretty well…I have curly red-hair and always wanted to be Pippi Longstocking…so I had a blonde haired child and nicknamed her Pippi and we call her Pip….then I had another girl and nicknamed her Fifi…but we all call her Fi for short…I have a big heart and convince myself that it does not matter what other people think of me…I have to answer to God and only God…but I really try hard to only have good answers for my actions..I am dependent on God’s grace and thankful VERY thankful for the grace extended to me by my friends and family..a verbose woman requires lots and lots of grace…I love meeting people and sharing my “knowledge” usually about my current passion.  I had the pleasure of watching one of my ideas come to life in a networking group of the women in my county…I am humbled often at what a simple idea shared can provide for a community.  My dream has always been to help people…I realized a few years ago I am living my dream…I help my girls, my husband, my family, my neighbors, strangers and I hope Fridays in Farmland helps someone find their niche in Agriculture to live their Farming/Ranching Dream.  I also love to learn and grow…this Blog forces me out of my comfort zone on many fronts…..I do not like being comfortable…I like challenges…I guess that makes me the perfect farm wife..I live by grace and I like challenges….

Next week, I will begin the challenge of introducing the supporting characters in our Farmland….

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