A Flour For Valentine’s Day

Hi, to all my friends in Farmland!

This week I will give away a Flour in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Made with Hudson Cream Flour!

Well, my true inspiration is….

The local flour mill was the feature in the big city newspaper!  Every time I think about our Stafford County Flour Mill,  I smile…

Today, as I look out my front window I see a deep lush green in the middle of the winter…WHEAT!

The wheat that Boss Man drilled in the Fall, October to be exact, provides a welcome  spring color all winter until June when the color changes to the familiar “amber waves of grain.”

In mid-June we will harvest and haul the wheat to Hudson, Kansas…the tiny, tiny town where I used to vote (before it the polling place was closed…I actually used paper to vote..I had used electronic polls since high school in before I took up residence in rural Kansas….I am glad I experienced a paper vote) …the same tiny town that has the best one dollar hamburgers every Monday night  during the slow farm season…AKA winter.

The tiny town that is home to the one hundred year old mill,  originally owned by Boss Man’s distant German relatives  and is now owned my many of our neighbors.  Soon, the wheat is processed into the fabulous flour I use to make nutritious food for my family…and yummy tasty treats!

And in honor of Flour and Valentine’s Day I will give away three bags of Hudson Cream flour!  I will choose the names from the comments here on the blog page. What is your favorite flour..have you ever heard of Stafford County Flour Mills or Hudson Cream Flour?



  1. Love Hudson Cream! Don’t use anything else

  2. Jane Dickson says:

    I only use Hudson Cream Flour! I will search or go to a different store if I can’t find it! I far as I am concerned there is no other flour!!!!

  3. Miss Amber, you are so fun! Love your blog! Keep it up! Yes, Hudson Cream is the only! I like short patent! I’jl use it for a cake this week and maybe some brownies!

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