On The Sixth Day Of Christmas

Five golden rings circled my house yesterday….three cousins and my two girls.   Children are a blessing from the Lord.

And today we will not have six geese a-laying  but I do hope to ponder on the six days of creations…I have heard everything in the bible goes back to Genesis…as I finish my first one year reading of the bible…looking ahead to Genesis..or looking back…oh, this could get confusing..but I always did get school girl giggles singing The Twelve Days of Christmas Song…something about lack of focus “six rings a swinging, five geese a praying”….off to my prayer journal and breakfast for my house full of guests….Life really is not confusing when you do the next thing and focus on what really matters…jingle bells ringing from the kitty house…..eliciting soft coos from the slowly waking red-headed two-year old on the couch.  Thumps over head of boys getting dressed….kisses from on my forehead  reminding me the day looms near….bright magenta sky streaking across the window…Hope that all will be well..faith to take the next step and jump knowing strong hands are filtering my days…tidying up my loose ends….Away in the manger wafts into the office…the little people have found their manger…kitten clad five year old announcing morning with a yawn.

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