The Fourth Day of Christmas?

Today, I asked for help.

I asked a young friend from church to watch my girls while I finished building a Christmas Gift.

I failed to get the materials to make the gift…a three-way mirror….

She arrived on time this my fifteen minute timer rang out that my prayer journal time was done….

I decided to go town and get the materials….then the new kitten…

um….made a mess…requiring carpet cleaner and a cat bath…did you know you can give a cat a bath…I had no idea….

eventually, I left the house.

I heard the tail end (haha that now brings images of a white kitten in sink…) any how I listened to the end of Nancy Leigh Demoss’ program Revive Our Hearts.

My mind was clicking through my to do list when I heard, “I can’t tell you how many times we accelerate the process of our growth and our maturation by taking advantage of the fact that grace comes in relationships.”  

We have to practice the hard disciplines of being willing to be vulnerable and maybe say, “I have a need.” If they’ve got a need in this area, to say, maybe, “Things aren’t going well.”

This month I have been convicted of the reality that I have great areas of weakness in homemaking….”One of the reasons I’m not doing well is that I don’t have competency. It could be my background….”

and another quote whispered from my speakers, “Now, the other thing you’ve emphasized, which I think is so helpful, is not to just do this in isolation, but to do it in community with others. How does that work?”

Ok, I have already been convicted about this issue— trying to go alone…pushing through my weakness on my own..with prayer..but without community and I am not growing or least not much.   I finally asked for help this month…and that is my goal this year….To ask for help to shore up my most neglectful areas of weakness…the areas of greatest burden.

I confessing my sins, seeking God in his word,  but I have been ignoring the resource of grace in the people in my life….Christ came a person…a human baby boy…grace in bodily form….one more thought to ponder during this Christmas 2012!


P.S. I did return home….the girls enjoyed a new babysitter…I arrived with wipes and diapers that I forgot to leave with her…oops!  and I still need to get the materials for the project…maybe tonight.

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