Musical Advent: December 20th Go Tell It On The Mountain

Go Tell It On The Mountain

The first blizzard of the year has arrived in Kansas….with it the first snow in my yard… plastered to my windows…creating the most beautiful designs…drafts of arctic air swirl through my ancient home…the room I sit in and type, the birth place of many a babies….If it is this drafty in a drafty was it the night Jesus was born?    I shiver from the blizzard chilled air…. I think of the snow covered Mountain Peaks of  Colorado

…The gusts of wind roar over head in our shelter belt of thorned honey locusts and  aged creaking cottonwoods……The swirls of wind whistle and moan whipping corners of our home….. and I think of  the angel chorus ringing out above the shepherds….  One more hymn to enjoy and ponder as we prepare for the celebration of Jesus’s coming and the anticipation of his return…..and though the Christmas cards were mailed only today and the presents are being wrapped they are ..’due’ and most have yet to be purchased or made…I avoid the pressure of questions…” are you ready for Christmas?”  … with a simple thought…each of these days of Advent is to prepare…and Christmas lasts 12 days  ….exhale….

…Pippi points out our slow progress…. I gently remind this is the time of preparation..the time of celebration will be here soon…. I hear a glimpse of wisdom in my words and  long to reflect long enough to fully understand the magnitude of truth i n my words.. presents are not wrapped under the tree…gifts not delivered…gifts not created.. decorations waiting to dazzle five year old eyes still sitting in the box…yes, it is work…yes, it is a lesson in patience and priorities…steadiness.. perseverance…diligence…they all sound like noble pursuits..but the reality is that Christ came for me as I am…he never intended for me to stay as he found me…but he will return just as December 25th will return if I make a single preparation of not…. I relax and  begin to sing….


and one more…I enjoy this one and think my girls will too!

and one more for me…because it makes me sway and relax

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