Musical Advent: December 11th Good Christian Friends, Rejoice

Oh what can i say about good Christian Friends?  I have so many words for those closest to me….

My annual hug from Krystal!!

Krystal and LIsa and Elizabeth are my Good Christian friends far way  and yet the sound of their voice instantly brightens my day and challenges me toward the good life….Then I have a wonderful…AMAZING group of ladies in my bible study…those ladies never cease to intrigue me and surprise me with their depth of honesty and faith….Oh, then the ladies in my church who welcomed me with open arms eleven years ago!!! I still meet with three of them regularly–make that we attempt—and the ladies in the Homeschool group who do not care if I homeschool or not..they are just wonderful women supportive of each of our desires to do what God wants for our families….oh, oh the teachers Pippi has had through PAT and the preschool we participated with and the Christian School we participate with….I feel overwhelmed with the Good Christian Friends I have been blessed with….and yet I remember a time in my life that I was struggling…hoping..make that tears streaming pleading prayers… for a Strong Christian woman to enter my life for fellowship and accountability…the Lord provided and now my only problem is pride…your  friends can only be there for you if you allow them…..Of course I usually think they have enough burdens of their own I should not bother them with my burden….Oh, I have so much to learn and I am glad that my friends are very graceful with me as I grow!


And the hymn is Good Christian Men, Rejoice…I am not certain why it is different in this old hymnal I have but it worked for my post today…here is the more original…note the ‘Men’ versus ‘Friends’

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