Musical Advent: December 8th Infant Holy, Infant Lowly

Today, I am driving six hours round trip to see my dear prayer partner who is visiting her Parents!!!  She lives two states away and we average seeing each other once a year….what a great Christmas Gift…. A Hug

Actually we give a series of Hugs to savor throughout the year…the “I”m so sorry this is happening to you” hug…the “AHHHH! I”M SO HAPPY THIS HAPPENING!” Hug…then there is the, “I have nothing to say silent” hug…and and many more..the best hug I will give her today is the…”HE IS SO PRECIOUS” hug….for I get to meet her six month old baby boy!!!!

Oh, and I get to give the, “I can’t believe they bought you a horse for Christmas” hug…as we met on the Equestrian team at Kansas State University…the horse is a significant part of our friendship…We often find ourselves saying, “Who knew trying out for the Equestrian Team would have been such a blessing….GOD KNEW!”  then we giggle…That should be a hug today as well..

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