Musical Advent: December 6th O Little Town of Bethlehem

O little town of Bethlehem…On this Starry night I prepare for St. Nicholas’s Day…Last year we celebrated with a party and games and crafts…One more of my purposeful methods of tying Truth into the Santa culture….this year I am being a little less purposeful…we are doing a little less of everything and instead I am focusing on the basics…Pippi keeps asking why we are not doing as much decorating, as many parties…and I remind her that Christ was Born in a manger in a stable…he did not need all the decorations…I have not told her that mommy is exhausted from lack of sleep and that through this trial I have realized my priorities are in the simple basics…maybe tomorrow I will share about how having too much and doing too much of a good thing can lead us to forget about the Good News….a simple town…a simple night…a simple couple..a simple baby…it sounds too simple to be true….I want to keep it simple so the simple truth is not overshadowed…it is hard to keep things simple when toy catalogs arrive daily…I have always wondered when you can afford to give do you decide what is appropriate?

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