Musical Advent: December 4th Joy To The World

Today Fi, Pippi and I joined the local Christian School as they sang carols at the Cancer Center….the moment that made me slow down wasn’t Fi screaming because she thought she was back in the hospital for another surgery…It wasn’t the sweet angelic voices of the Kindergartners and first graders that surprised me with their clarity…it was the gentleman with the baseball cap sitting in the passenger window of a car at the entrance as we were leaving the building having done our good deed….

“Ahhh…I missed it..I knew it was today but I did not know what time….ahhh  I missed it….I missed it.”  He had finished treatment and was waiting for the driver to get back in the car..I presume from returning the wheel chair to the waiting room…he had another appointment with another doctor….His weak smile when we told him we would perform for him…a private concert for one elderly man sitting in an old car with the window rolled down with dozens of eyes on him..singing for him…watching him look over the children and teachers and sway ever so slightly to the sweet voices wishing him a Merry Christmas and a happy new year…the misty look in his eyes…Oh how I wanted to sing to him everyday and talk with him and hear his story…Music is a special gift the Lord has given us   and sharing this gift spreads joy

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