Musical Advent: December 2nd Hark, The Glad Sound

It is Sunday….and I hope we sing this Hymn at church today…or later this afternoon my congregation is hosting a Festival of Carols…Organists, Choirs, adult and youth talent from out rural community…

Pippi has been looking forward to this concert…and suggested I told her it was Friday…I may have…well we are aiming at not doing anything perfect but keeping it simple..I found a simple video of a woman singing simply…and the lyrics are on another page….Merry Christmas….

click here to read the text and history of Hark, the Glad Sound!
















A note about the photos:  I was listening to Trent Loos on the radio last week while driving my girls around so they would take their naps…yes living in the country I always  have an excuse to take a long drive…I was ummmm..looking at property for sale and checking on possible road work for the township…I sound so professional…well the girls napped and I learned of Katie Lukens Pinke….Trent challenged us “AG” people to post more often about our daily lives…and he commended Katie and I think her mother on the use of Photos sharing our lifestyle….I have not posted in quite a while..but wanted to do this advent countdown to Christmas with music…and I love the rural photo back ground that is my life…so welcome to my life.    if you want to learn more about my rural life look here about cowboy lotion and here about eating cow pies..they are yummy and sold out at the historic cattle drive last year…and how we do Friday’s  …then you can read about how this Kansas  City raised woman straps a helmet on her preschooler and places her on a sheep for photos….oh and I do it every summer….Mother of the year award really!

I will stop there so I can actually get to church on time!

Talk to you soon,


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