Fly Lady Day Five

Fly Lady buzz beckons me….but every time I start her system overwhelms me I try to rush through the system…Yes, I have a control journal and flight plans and menus…but I cheated five years ago and implemented the entire system in one week after gorging myself on the I have never made it past day three without overloading and crashing.

This week I have began to engorge…then I wanted to quit…of course blaming it on the random nature of the website…so I wanted to set it up better….aka became sidetracked….googled for a while other possibilities to develop the same home skills….remembered my the motto I my Prayer Partner and I share back and forth, “Just Do It”  and sighed…here I go again starting something and wanting to fix it before I give it a chance.  (I also suffer from wanting to correct, edify, encourage my children, friends, Boss Man everyone before I hear out their request or story.)  This all took place on Day Two!

Today is Day Five…


My Sink is shiny!

I am wearing shoes…for a run..hopefully I will dress completely soon after.

I read the messages on big tent…I have yet to do any of them but she just says read them..I am trying to not be an over-achiever/burn-out

I posted my reminders on my desk because I seem to land there when my day is running away.

And today’s baby step:  Stop listening to the nagging, negative voices in my head!  Turn them into something postive…hmmm….I think a good hymn or bible verse is in order…Any suggestions?


  1. Krystal Kuykendall says:

    God is with you wherever you go Joshua 1:9

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