Is It Monday, Yet?

My dear, dear Boss Man has been busy doctoring a group of sick calves that arrived the Wednesday before Thanksgiving….in frigid temps, pouring rain, sloppy Cowboy Lotion….the man is focused. (yes, this was sitting as a draft…for a few days…weeks…ok months…the  truth is hard to face.)

I wonder sometimes what our farm would look like if he operated as…um….another person on this family farm….

His day: Load feed truck,  feed cattle…fix feed truck to continue feeding cattle, chase down escaped calf, finish feeding cattle, put feed truck up, pull sick calves to doctor, help dad with his escaped calf, continue pulling sick calves, doctor….focus, focus, focus.

Another person’s day: I abandoned this post last fall and I do not remember how my day actually progressed…but I do know that if  I  I mean if someone else on the farm was to do Boss Man’s day it would look like this:

Load feed truck leaving loader tractor out in the middle of the silage area,  feed cattle…fix feed truck to continue feeding cattle but leave feed truck idling in the alley to chase down escaped calf, forget to finish feeding cattle, put feed truck up after it was int he way then get it back out to finish feeding cattle, pull sick calves to doctor leaving a gate wide open as I hurry to help dad with his escaped calf, continue pulling sick calves after resorting the mixed pens since I left he gate open, doctor the cattle when I find a clean syringe, return to the vet room for medicine two or three times and finally remember to load cattle in the chute…..

Yes, I have two young girls…but they are not the biggest problem (I am easily distracted)…Yes, I am sleep deprived….but that doesn’t explain my energy to create mess and not pick up after myself…I feel like I am in Middle School Gym Class, “Your Mother Doesn’t Live Here Pick Up After Yourself!”

Yes, I have always had this problem.  ALWAYS.
My concern is the tears….those I want to cry at the end of the day when I see the mess I have created ….and the those I want to dry in the eyes of my girls when I snap at them burdened with my disorganization…again. (and yes, it is worse this summer with all the illness we have had…)

The sad truth is my girls are picking up my unfocused, poor prioritization habits. The blessed Truth is that today is a new day, a gift, Which is why Mondays are my favorite day of the week as an Adult, a new beginning to do better than last week.  I want to lay down the rails of good habits for myself….the girls will learn with me…now what habit to start with first?. I need help…any ideas?  

Fly Lady Flybabies..please leave a comment with your wisdom…because I am going to take off soon.  Here are a few pics of my problem…oh yes feel free to judge…I begin to fly today…














  1. Krystal Kuykendall says:

    My Dear Dear Sister in Christ… How I Love You… and you are not the only one in this postion :) One day at a time and Less is More..this will be our new motto along with Just get it Done.. I am highly encouraged by this post and will be starting some new and better housekeeping habits as well. Love Ya Miss Amber

  2. Oh, Amber, we are not so unlike, you and I… abstract random and concrete sequential. You need to drop in, I’ll take you around and show you my “hot spots” and some of them are more like “hot rooms.” Hang in there! Your girls are learning creativity, love of life, and I think you’d be surprised at how many life skills. Your girls are blessed to have you as their mom; don’t you forget it! God gave them to you because in this time and this place and with this mom He will be best able to draw them to himself. Don’t believe me? Go read Acts 17!

    • I will read Acts 17…not because I do not believe you….Because I DO believe you and desire to see the truth! we have plans to stop in…be ready to laugh!

  3. I so agree w/everyone else….everyone has these messes, and this just shows where your priorities are. Someday, your priority will be to have a clean house. When you have little children, that just isn’t the top priority.

    Over the years, I’ve always designated Monday to start laundry…the hope is I’ll be done by the weekend; so I don’t have to do ANY laundry on the weekend.

    My house currently is turned upside down, and I don’t even have little ones for an excuse. Keep loving your girls and pray for God’s guidance and strength. Everything else is just stuff.

    • Thanks, Darla…I keep thinking of Paul being content and any situation and know that the current level of orderliness in my house should not be the barometer of how my mind functions.


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