Bubble Of Joy

Boss Man’s cousin married a beautiful, compassionate, brilliant woman yesterday.


As we drove two and half hours home last night (the cattle have to be fed early in the morning..regardless of weddings)  Boss Man said he was proud of his cousin….I am teary eyed thinking of it…

I tried to capture as many pictures as I could with a low battery…(I was a bit disappointed but hey we all arrived wearing clean clothes…and matching shoes so the fact that I had to conserve my battery was not a huge deal…unless you are me.)

and these are out of order…but that is how my mind works

I love the bubbles…if I was getting married I would have bubbles…


I love a new use for my steel pails…soooo pretty

The center pieces included barb wire rings created by the Bride’s father..who maintains a gigantic barb wire display in his Kansas shop.

Every girl’s dream…

(Her name in lights…not being a Bride! But even for those of us who never thought about marrying…there comes a day when you think, “This man maybe worth putting on a dress.”)


Did I mention that I loved the bubbles? The ladies in the wedding have a passion for fire Blue is my favorite color…why did I not think to have blue wedding colors?
The pretty little flower girl was knocked down minutes before taking her place in the wedding….no fear her mommy had a little lamb-y near!

I wanted the photo of the flowers and guests…now I notice the finger nail polish…pretty.

These two sweet sisters flanked Pippi as they handed out programs and bubbles…

My family is hidden in the picture….Doesn’t Boss Man’s Father look astute…yes, I just Googled it to make sure I utilized it correctly…I mean when your calling your Father-in-Law a name you better make sure your willing to defend your position. More bubbles…look closely to see the grown men enjoying blowing bubbles….after the bride had finished her parade….it was too much fun to stop! pretty dresses for the cousins of the Bride… I love the smiles of Joy… I missed the kiss….but I still like the photo…but will someone please tell the light pole to get down?
Fi was alternating between exhaustion and double ear infection pain and excitement. The groom…Boss Man’s cousin…Mr. Smiley….he is a treasure to our family…. Look at the Green vegetation…yes, I capitalized Green…we are in a drought and Greenery makes me Green with envy!  Or I just really appreciate the value of lush Green plants.

She is a sweet girl… Fi was excited for the M&M’s in the snack mix… She stuffed her mouth full… Mr and Mrs. Smiley!  They are sure to have children with beautiful smiles…I mean if they have children…no pressure.  I keep playdough in my bag for times such as these…I am not certain who enjoyed it more..the adults just out of the picture playing with a portion of the play dough or Pippi….

I did say the pics were out of order…the Priest greeted all the Guests and opened the door for them…it was a pleasant gesture…and he gave a wonderful talk about two becoming one….

The girls were excited to welcome the guests…
I missed the picture but the ring bearer fell down the steps moments before this picture…but he was a tough guy and did not even cry. Do you see the hair on the guy in the foreground?  He grew it for this wedding…Nice Job, Scott! 

Pippi decided to sign the guest book a few hours into the night….I do not know who’s family she shared a line with…I hope the Bride and Groom get a good laugh. I caught a sneak peak of the Bride…look at her smile!
I had never entered this historic building in the Little Apple…It was perfect!

The flower girl blowing bubbles…really who needs a flower girl just add bubble girls…

Boss Man’s cousin gave many hugs during his ceremony…I almost caught this Bro Hug
The girls diligently handed out bubbles to the guests…
This picture could be title “The Future”   I am going to blink and it will be Pippi walking through  the bubbles in a wedding gown.  I am teary eyed again…


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