Cowboy Humor

I had a long night with Fi…and arrived too late to help work cattle
(read: mostly photograph the process…which was supposed to be my break from sick child care)
Only to have one of the cowboys remark,

“You are just like a blister…you only arrive after the work is done.”

I was sleep deprived and it took a few seconds to get it…Oh, isn’t he sooo clever!

I enjoy a good laugh…even at my expense.
while I didn’t get to help work the cattle I did get to ride along to the Vet for supplies.while Boss Man was talking with the vet about best blade replacement strategies..I turned around and quickly snapped a shot of these girls…
I used to work in a vet clinic years and years ago…I met one of my besties there..who in turn introduced me to one of my other besties!

Oh and I saw Alex the resident cat at Countryside
…aka Pippi’s Foe …she was scratched by Alex several months ago and still she thinks he is a naughty cat…but look at those green eyes…I hope they can make-up someday…reconciliation is a beautiful skill to learn.

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