I Heart Organizing

Today while reorganizing the girls’ hair bows I remembered that one year ago I planned on sharing my organization methods with you….then realized I am perpetually organizing and doubted my authority in this area.

I now realize this is how most of us feel..one step forward two steps back…in the area of organizing our lives. I must say having a place for everything comes before everything in it’s place…So today I while rounding up hair bows tossed in  diaper bags, cup holders, back packs, drawers, pockets….I was thankful to have a place for these items and thought I would share with you finally–and I am even using last years photo’s…so excuse the amateur look!

We do not have closets in This Old House…and I am randomly very cheap so with a scary craigslist find I scored a really cheap furniture set (armoire, night stand, and dresser for $150!) …that looked like Pottery Barn…and since it did not cost like Pottery Barn I had little hesitation in hot gluing and 3M-ing all over it to make better use of the space…

1. I found extra ribbon from Pippi’s birthday….

2. Cut it to length…

3.secured ribbon at the top and bottom inside the door…..

Easily accessible….hidden….dust-free hair bow storage!

And not to have wasted space in a shared room I secured a clear over the door shoe organizer with 3M hooks attached at the top of the dresser on each side of the armoire…I use these for the girls shirts and onesies….

The dresser now had an extra drawer and I needed a diaper changing table..so I found a pad that would secure to the dresser with out a one hundred dollar changing topper..

Time for me to get back to putting everything in it’s place.

p.s.  As for the post title…. I stole it…I only viewed a few blogs regularly before I started my own…I guess you can say that they inspired me… I Heart Organizing was one of them…do your organizing self a favor and browse her beautiful, budget friendly organizing and decorating ideas!

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