A Gentle Word

When I began this blog Pippi and I were memorizing a proverb…

A Gentle Word Turns Away Wrath, But a Harsh Word Stirs Up Anger. Proverbs 15:1

We were working on encouraging one another to use gentle words…gentle tones.  Yes, I was giving my four year old the power to hold me accountable with Scripture…it worked then and still works today…a simple gesture of stirring a pot and we realize we may be stirring the pot of anger.

This idea came to mind one day–one postpartum, sleep deprived, anxiety-ridden, grasping at control day in the midst of Fi”s most painful GERD season.

Fi with her stoic pained look before I realized she had her fourth ear infection in four months.

I remembered reading about a mother teaching her young daughters the verse to help guide their conduct with each other…thank you Caroline Boykin for writing the “Well-Versed Family”

I choose to use this verse because….. all the more clever addresses were taken…I like words..written and spoken…God’s Word is powerful…I had hopes of encouraging people…

That reminds me of my college advising meetings..”Amber what do you want to do with your degree?”  “I want to Help people”  “That is not a job, what do you want to do with your degree.”  and we repeated that conversation for a year…I did not know it then but I wanted to be a mom and a wife and a sister and friend and neighbor…I still do not know how I will encourage people with this blog.

I joke that Boss Man bought me, his verbose wife, a fancy camera in hopes that if pictures are worth a thousand words I would speak less often.  That did not happen…but I do hope that my pictures may speak to those who view them…I have a secret dream that someday some one would want to print my pictures (maybe I should try that someday)  and hang them as art to inspire thought…

Now you know why this is A Gentle Word….How did you choose your blog name?


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