One MOO! For You! Part Two

Yesterday, I finally posted about Fi’s Party…Today I gave myself thirty minutes to put a post out which takes a while with our slow internet…So I searched my drafts…those poor blog posts I have started but gave up before I could upload photos..And found that I had started to post her party ¬†back in march…oops….what do you know the title is nearly the same as I ¬†“cleverly” choose yesterday…well here is another birthday related post:

Have you heard the moos?

Fifi is one!

It is fitting that we choose the cow theme for Fi’s first birthday for many reasons….

Boss Man decided to purchase several hundred holstein feeder cattle during my third trimester….I wondered what he was thinking but trusted the decision was wise and asked God to thwart it quickly if it was not…Boss Man was right.

The farm site was moved up to the feedlot during my pregnancy….so we visited the feedlot often in her infancy…

Fifi tried to fly out of our arms every time she saw the cattle in an attempt to get a closer look…which leads me to the real reason she celebrated turning one in cow print….I have a rule for first birthday’s must be an animal that makes a sound so everyone can play make the baby make an animal sound….. Fifi tried to lunge at dogs and cats, sheep, pigs, chickens, fish, ducks….I asked for Boss Man’s input…he narrowed the choices to Dogs or Cows

….And he wanted to get a new puppy for Fifi…which I reminded him would not be kind to our already struggling four year old who was trying very hard to be happy for her sister’s big day…Not a problem for Boss Man, ” Get Pippi a kitten.”

So I choose a cow party…Fifi got a cow, PIppi thinks she owns the feedlot and I only have to house train a one year old.


Fi’s cow died…it was a bottle calf that came in a shipment of other cattle…I thought it was cute..somehow I always feel a connection with the weakest animals on the now we have the girls My Own Pet Balloon Cow.

Boss Man still wants a new puppy…(so do I…shhhh!)

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