One Moo For You!

I refilled My Own Pet Cow with Helium today and remembered my good intentions to share with the world how much my girls enjoy these great balloons…

Once I was on the computer I remembered my good intentions to share Fi’s cow birthday party pics…from four months ago… I made these cute envelopes by printing on two sides of white cardstock and cutting on my Silhouette Cameo.  I sealed the envelope with a pink number one that I created on the Cameo.

The cute cows pivoted on the pink flower brad to reveal the party details printed inside.

After the Invitations went out it was time to create the party….

I enjoy learning new techniques and this color flow icing proved easier than I thought not that I mastered it but we did have fun.

I think cow print cookies are cute….Pippi wanted polka dot cows…A Polka  Dot Cow Party….we may do that next year.

I wanted to make dresses for the girls…I bought fabric…looked up a pattern…was ready to begin…when I realized sewing dresses with out a sewing machine the week before the party was even too ambitious for me…

I called my friend Sarah and she created three matching dresses (Cousin Lizzy was coming to the party) and she surprised me with these great bows…she has an etsy shop…she has a sewing machine…she has more talent in her little pinkie than I do in my dreams!

With Sarah creating the dresses I turned my attention to the cake…this adorable cake was super easy to make…I created it from the Wilton Bear cake pan…with help from a google search I found help with specific frosting tips and followed her spot placement.

The tail was my favorite part of the cake…I enjoyed making this cake so much…my heart melts to think of it…p.s. the cow is smaller than  it looks…this was Fi’s smash cake…and it looked intimidating so I aimed small.

This is the My Own Pet Balloon that reminded me to start this post…The cow was jumping out of fence.

Now the cow was eating cereal at the table…and the cow just went for a walk with Fi.  These Pet Balloons come in many animals..I think we will get one for Boss Man’s birthday.

I have a tradition of making a photo display…I have used the same photo display for five birthdays now and just change it up with the theme.  Six months on one side and six months on the other.

Of course you need a birthday banner which I created with the Cameo and scrap fabric.

Look at the red dry clean only sweater sacrificing it’s spotlessness for the sake of decor!

I ran out of red fabric and decided at the last minute that the cow print cover I had created was not working.

And every party is a good party when the guests are asking for more…I love baby sign it makes my heart skip and brings smiles to my face!

Happy Birthday, Fi!




  1. Always inspirational! Love the photo of Pipi in the dress great perspective.

    • Thanks Dedra! I love that photo too..I think I keep this blog partly to post my photos somewhere…I know my walls can’t hold them all.

  2. LOVE IT!! Super super adorable!!

  3. Great job on the cake! So stinkin’ adorable!

  4. Patti Sagrera says:

    Please tell how to make cow print evelopes!!!!

  5. Hi! I am doing a farm themed 1st birthday party for my son and LOVE the smash cake. I want to make one myself. I tried the link to the frosting tips and couldn’t get it to work. Could you help me out with the link or what tips you used?


      here is the link…her tips were in the comment sections
      The nose is all frosting, just let it set up between each layer or the whole thing could pull off. Also, use a #233 tip for the fur with a medium consistency frosting. Email me if you have any more questions! Good luck!
      I used the wilton eyes and added more black with food coloring paste to make it less MOnster-ish and more least I tried.

  6. Hi! I am so excited to find your post about the adorable cow theme party you had for your daughter. I am planning one for my son’s first birthday to follow along with the theme of his nursery. Could you please tell me where you found the image of the cow for the invitations?

    • hi Amanda! I bought the image from the silhouette design studio. I am not certain how to access sit unless you have a silhouette. Hope that helps.

  7. hello!!! I am in love with this cow cake!!! I think I am brave enough to try it for my daughters 3rd birthday =) I looked at the website you suggested and noticed you did something a little different with the horns and ears.. I like it both ways but prefer the look of the one you did can you give me a little advice on how to make it look like yours??

    Thank you

    • Hi Jessica! I am smiling to see this cake may make another little one smile! I colored wilton premade fondant to make the ears and horns. I did this cake again for my sons first birthday…I hope to post it this week. This time it was a brown long horn bull. I hope that helps. let me know if you need more detail!

  8. Hello I just wanted to know what is the size of the teddy bear pan that you used. I have two 1 6 inch and 1 9 inch. Love the cow!



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