May Day Cookie Flower Pot

1.Spread smooth peanut butter on the flat side of wafer.

Top with a popsicle stick and another wafer.

Place on wax paper lined baking sheet.

Freeze for seven minutes…we used that time to finally fly the kites we purchased last week after pleading eyes such as these begged while completing step one.


2. Microwave candy coating. Stir until smooth.  Notice “Scary Looking Clouds”

Yes, that is a term Kansas Weatherman utilize….

Turn on Merril Teller and see not one, not two, but four tornadoes too close for comfort.

Suspend all candy making for my favorite spring time sport…”When To Take Cover.”  Followed by my next favorite activity “Fall asleep next to a lighting and thunder frightened preschooler.”

2. Microwave candy coating. Stir until smooth

3. Dip frozen cookie pops into chocolate. Return to baking sheet.


4. Decorate with M&M’s.


5. Insert floral foam (or styrofoam) into flower pots.



Top off pot with extra M&M’s. Insert Cookie Flower Pop.

Ready to deliver….Place ‘basket’ on doorstep.Ring the doorbell. RUN!  If you caught they can give you a kiss.. We drive to all our destinations so we usually just wait for surprised smiles and giggles!




  1. wish I could of help make them. Maybe some little girls could show me how the next time i vist.

  2. Way to cute!!! Great idea and post!


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