May Day Cookie Flower Pots

May Day is  always May 1st.

In our home that means today is May Day Basket Creation Day!

Pippi is holding one of my favorite treats…peanut butter cradled between nilla wafers…mmmm….I recommend freezing extra at this step..

We enclose the ‘baskets’ for safe transportation in our windy, sandy, and bumpy conditions.

Inside this pot is plastic wrapped lined foam topped with M&M’s because nobody likes to eat gritty-foam-covered-chocolate and presentation is everything as you can see by the peanut butter smeared pot ….this may be the year that we actually decorate those pots!

One year we tried white candy coloring, regular chocolate, and actual cookies…nilla wafers were more stable for little hands…though it  is fun to use mini wafers and regular.  We played around with mini m&m’s but hey were too tiny for fine motor developing fingers.

Asking a toddler to deliver candy to others is teasing..and teased toddler cry..and crying makes a family tradition taxing…thus the two year old smearing candy coating and greasy peanut butter  enjoying the fruits of her labor.

One last tip…we always leave a card in the pot with a blessing and our names…people do not eat treats randomly left on their doorsteps for some reason…and a few will choose not to eat our edible flowers created by toddler fingers….hmmm?

I always think that I will take step by step pictures but it has not happened in four years so I will just give you the very simple steps before the girls and I start creating.

1.Spread smooth peanut butter on the flat side of wafer. Top with a popsicle stick and another wafer. Place on wax paper lined baking sheet. Freeze for seven minutes.

2. Microwave candy coating. Stir until smooth.

3. Dip frozen cookie pops into chocolate. Return to baking sheet.

4. Decorate with M&M’s.

5. Insert floral foam (or styrofoam) into flower pots. Top off pot with extra M&M’s. Insert Cookie Flower Pop.

Ready to deliver….Place ‘basket’ on doorstep.Ring the doorbell. RUN!  If you caught they can give you a kiss.. We drive to all our destinations so we usually just wait for surprised smiles and giggles !

Happy May Day!

May be we will post an update with step by step pics later today.




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