Hays: Gella’s Diner

My taste buds drive me all over the state of Kansas in search of delectable delights.

.they are my oldest friend…and these days…I am forced to drive one hour North…

turn west…meander through beautiful Historic Restorations…

Light fixtures in the ultra hip ladies room..

parallel park my beast of a ‘Grocery-Getter’

…and politely order an entrée

or two (hey I live an hour away and it will take me months to justify this northern drive)..

Yes, my friends that is a falafel in Central Kansas.

….then my taste buds demand that I order IT now…so I succumb to peer pressure and order FRENCH TOAST CREME BRULEE

…and nonchalantly request it with my meal…Yes, fit-marathon-running-waitress who just informed she does not eat sweets I want the dessert as a side dish… I ask for an extra spoon to save my dignity…I always have a friend or daughter willing to decrease my sugar overload…Oh the creaminess…the cinnamon..

the creaminess..the hot caramel sauce and cool vanilla ice cream…the crisp outer layer breaking apart revealing a bread pudding play ground for my taste buds..

and oh do they..being my friends, daughter and taste buds… like me now..I am thankful that I live one hour away and rarely justify the drive to eat such a decadent treat…I do enjoy the other concoctions of the Gella’s Chef’s..

Home-Made Root Beer from the attached Brewery

I am reminded that this college town on I-70 is more than German fare…

Yummy! Sweet Potato Fries and Asparagus!

and my daughter likes the kid’s meals..

I am sure they taste great but she only cares for the ultra cool retro cars in which her food arrives..When we return home with a cardboard classic

Boss Man can’t help himself but reminsce about a burger joint from his youth…Bionic Burger…something about the food being delivered in the same cars…

Perfect Ladies Room Entryway for a Potty Break on my Kansas Road Trip

It is a cool, dreary day..Boss Man is busy planting…I believe a road trip may be in order for dinner…French Toast Creme Brulee, anyone?


P.S.  What is your favorite dish in Central Kansas? Better Question…Where can I find it?


  1. Not a word about Gellas’ excellent stout beers?

    • The word is that they are excellent…but I have yet to try anything stouter than the Root Beer at Gella’s…I do want to take pictures of the brewery and bar…they are a beauty of form and function!

  2. Mo’s Place Grill and Brew Pub in Beaver, KS. Home brew and the best chicken fried steak around. It is ran by a couple who moved here from southern California in hopes of opening their own business. It has been going well since 1999. Great place and better food!

  3. Love it!!!

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