Hays: Rock Haven Spa

Turn South to enter the 25 acres on which Rock Haven is located….prepare to relax…

massage room in the stone barn


The service and ambiance was best displayed on my first trip…my friend, Jenna, and I booked the anti-stress package…after being shown separate dressing rooms we were escorted to the limestone steps leading to the unknown…

stone path to the bungalow and whirlpools

At the top we walked to the left of the bungalow used for couples and large groups..(AKA your man could come up the back access road and slip into the bungalow and never be seen at the S-P-A..because if they are like Boss Man spa is not in his vocab…yesterday when I returned..”How was your day in Hays?” and for the weeks leading up to the big day…”So when are you going to..umm..Hays?’)  Inside the Bungalow five dressing rooms allow for a large party to begin and end their spa day…it provides a  lounge area to congregate and share stories….and provides the rest of us in the spa our quiet tranquility while you guffaw over inside jokes.  Only two massage tables are in the Bungalow so the rest of your party will have to spread out to one of the other two buildings…..

But before I describe those…

private whirlpool area north of the bungalow


back to our southern path leading to one of two private whirlpools tucked into the limestone ridge..I prefer this southern whirlpool..although both are nestled into the beautiful stone.  Laid before us was a tray of fruits, cheeses, muffins and sparkling beverages of our choice….we were helped into the whirlpool and dis-robed by our attendant….then we giggled about being treated like princesses.


Much too soon it was time for the next treatment…we were led back to the Stone Barn

entry to the stone barn and reception area


and helped into a large stone sauna overlooking the front desk….I was embarrassed at first …being so visible to any and all who walked through the Barn…but soon my anxiety calmed when the thick steam made it impossible to see the door…the attendant stepped in to show us the way out and to our changing rooms…I was in awe of the beauty in the second story rooms desiring my camera in hand that was tucked away else where..when my attendant once again arrived to escort us by golf cart to the Farm House.


portico entrance to the farmhouse treatment suite

Dwight and Dereama Allenbaugh, owners of Rock Haven, live on the grounds in a stunning stone home…part of which they have remodeled into a wonderful escape for couples..or a couple of regal girlfriends…being chaueffered to the Farm House that is just a few hundred yards away once again left us in giggles about being so pampered….then the treatments began..


First the foot massages, then facials,  followed by a second foot rub and a full body massage…on our tummies… then we flipped to our backs and enjoyed another full body massage….by this time we were jello…As the “Hands” left us we began to whisper…

shower in bungalow's sauna

did we get the wrong package…I know $125 is a lot of money but this must have cost like $200 or more…we even began to consider how we would let them know they that we signed up for the 125 dollar package and not what ever we ended up getting….

We called for our chauffeur and prepared for the bill.




To top it off the owner, Dereama, was lounging in the Barn and discussed the Aveda products and her other salons in Hays proper.

Dereama with a wonderful attendant

We left hoping to return every week…or at least every month….well, I have mad it once a year since..My experience when I was nine months pregnant was not as relaxing due to my shape, the ice storm and a scorpion that visited it me in the sauna..but the service was attentive….And my visit this week was lacking again…I am not certain if it was the foot-bath instead of the whirlpool,  the red solo cups we carried around with our citrus water, or the less than stellar massage I received….but I would go again seeing as the best massage I ever had was also at Rock Haven, anyone can have a bad day…even an “off” day at Rock Haven is a relaxing retreat that I suggest you experience today!



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