My Rock Haven Spa Day

South of Hays, Kansas….nestled in rolling limestone hills is a spa retreat unlike any other that I have discovered in my travels….a stone barn with an Old World ambiance…my annual day at Rock Haven Spaaahhhh…..

This, my third trek up the steep dirt road, brought back memories….Last year’s drive home in an ice storm nine months pregnant and the scorpion that visited me in the sauna…(and yes I still wanted to return..though I did try hard to stare through the steam), My first visit  two years ago having just weaned my nearly two year old

Last week’s warm…sunny…windy days were replaced this week with damp, drizzly coolness and I was reminded with my flip-flopped step out of the truck that I do not like cold water…I expected as much since I had already arrived late due to the poorly announced bridge maintence South of Ellinwood…..and lacking a few necessities but I was not about to let anything dampen my spirit.

So with a carefree laugh, I splashed forward with my camera to capture the stunning Greeter dressed to impress

and after a few ooh’s and ahh’s from my friend who forced me to take a day for myself we followed the wonderful signature aroma of Rock Haven and stepped through a time warp aka wonderful wood crafted door..


I like the tiny statue holding the door open to all of us who do not know the secret password to enter the world that is Rock Haven….

after disclosing that I have sensitive skin, am not pregnant and signing some paper that I did not read..probably they saw me stumble into the only puddle in the driveway and wanted a hold harmless aggreement if I tripped over my robe while walking into the steam shower…which I did not…We were shown to our changing rooms…fully equipped with pampering products to refresh before you return to the ‘real world’  and I made a mental note to NOT spray my hair with aerosol deodorant…which I did for several minutes on my first visit two yeras ago in an effort to preserve the fabulous volume created from the steam and sauna….only to have perfectly powdered scented sweat proof hair!  oh the giggles that memory evokes…check no  deodorant hair this time…then I was forced to humble myself again.


When you make a reservation they remind you to bring a swim suit..yeah yeah.

Then they call you the week of your treatemnts and remind you to bring a swimsuit…of course.

Then your spa buddy reminds you to pack your swimming suit the night before at 9:30pm…and you begin a frantic search through the swim bags, intimate, drawers, girl’s dressup tote…only to be shushed by your four year old who you awakened and  offred her swim suit…then have the offere rescincded because you might stretch it out..then wiegh the options of drivng the one hour round ttrip to walmart for a late night swim suit desparation…exhausted you make a mental note and sticky note to buy a swim suit on the way to to the spa…and find a box of tampons because your first menstraule cycle in two years has decided to start…then you sleep…more like catnap in between night wakings of two little girls and night feedings and decide to sleep on the way to Hays and the way back and during the treatments…your friend who you have not spent time with in  a year will understand..yeah right.

Needless to say I was running late the bridge was out and I decided to spa with out a swim suit…I was going to wear a robe….so I drew a deep breath of the aromatic spa-ness and confessed my spa sin…

I forgot my swim suit….to which the hostes replied we have a bag of extras you can choose from because or please were a cover up if non of those work for you…we can not have you without since we have couples coiming through this area…..but back in your rooms you can wear what you want

I was mortified certainly she did not think I would strut about the place bare-bottomed with my tampon string hanging out… I quickly replied that I was going to wear a robe but would gladly try one of the suits…after teasing that I would wear the men’s swim trunks and tuck in my breastfeeding shaped breasts….I found a perfect fit and the spa day began…

…….tomorrow I will persuade you to journey to Hays, Kansas to experience Rock Haven Spa

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