My Baby’s Civil Rights?

Yesterday, I had many words about my emotions related to miscarriage and abortion…

Today, I wanted to use that passion to learn how to help the unborn child fight for civil rights…simply the right to be born…the right to pursue a family….the right to not be abandoned in an abortion clinic..the last time I checked it was not a baby drop off site.

but I became distracted and instead wrote this:

I have a lady who cleans my house…..and she has a son…and he has a girlfriend who once upon a time had a baby in her womb. They took a car drive to Topeka, KS with a handful of cash…from the abortion clinic’s parking lot the young man called his mom crying…They decided they “could not kill the baby”…she told them to turn the car around drive the three hours home and everything would work out….Her prayer for that baby’s life to be spared was answered and last month she celebrated his first birthday.

This story makes me wonder what changed the minds of this young couple was there a woman walking the sidewalk encouraging life with a sign? Did they see any of the several billboards covered with “Smile, your mom choose life.” or “Some life is protected some is not”

I will probably never know why they decided to spare the life of their son and it really does not matter to the little boy who is full of joy today…but I want to help other women make the same decision to sacrifice her lifestyle for a baby’s life…even if just for a few months until the baby could be adopted.

And I am glad the couple did not read this part of the Roe V Wade justifying an abortion,

“Mental and physical health may be taxed by child care. There is also the distress, for all concerned, associated with the unwanted child, and there is the problem of bringing a child into a family already unable, psychologically and otherwise, to care for it. In other cases, as in this one, the additional difficulties and continuing stigma of unwed motherhood may be involved. All these are factors the woman and her responsible physician necessarily will consider in consultation.”

Really…do you think that having a baby is that hard…let me tell you a painful delivery story about taxing physical health..(really contact me and I will tell  you)…Mental health issues reside in nearly every family (and I seem to remember that this ruling was made when parts of the country still practiced sterilization as part of mental health treatment.)

I hear women say, “I would not have an abortion…but…I will not tell another woman she cannot have one.”

In fact I use to say, “I do not know if I would have an abortion but I do not want someone telling me I can’t.”

This was my answer for years until I took a sociology class in a Shawnee Mission High School from an award-winning teacher who invited Planned Parenthood into the class….that day I was confronted with the sketched images of how a third trimester abortion is performed. And that was the beginning of my new politically correct statement, “I would NEVER have an abortion, but who am I to tell you what to do?”

Today I am fifteen years older, have studied psychology, had a miscarriage, and two daughters…oh, did I mention I realized I am a sinner and in need of the forgiveness that Jesus offers as the Son of God? Today, I know women scarred emotionally from the realization that they killed their baby. Today, I will look anyone in the eye and challenge them to sacrifice …. Ok, that is my little tantrum…but how can I make a difference. How can I encourage a family to choose life…How can I edify a doctor to not perform the type of procedure described on Planned Parenthood’s website

  • In later second-trimester procedures, you may also need a shot through your abdomen to make sure there is fetal demise before the procedure begins.

How could I look into my little girls eyes and tell her that she must die because I am under distress?

Speaking of my little girl, I find it adorable when she yells from behind the sofa…”Mom, do not look behind here”  I, being her Mom, know she has taken a snack into her hideout which is not usually allowed.  I remind her that if she is doing something that she feels she needs to hide then she should probably not be doing it in the first place.  It is called guilt.  She then comes out to where I can see her and starts fidgeting, looking down and even tells me that she doesn’t want to tell me what she is doing…some times she cries or yells but I encourage her to do the right thing…and she does.  I give her a hug and she has to suffer the consequences of her actions…cleaning up her mess…missing out fun for a little while…but only after I give her a hug and remind her that I forgive her and that I love her even when she makes bad choices…just like God forgives me and loves me through all..ALL..of my bad choices.

If you feel that you need to keep an abortion a secret you probably should not get an abortion. Instead sacrifice for a few more months until you have more options….if you want to know what those options are contact me….if you need help making it through those long months of pregnancy contact me.


That was my reaction to all my emotion yesterday…I really think the answer to my question “how to help” needs more exploring…..but along the way I did realize that the any civil rights movement for me is about choosing to sacrifice some of my freedom to help others gain theirs…not about seeing how much freedom I can squeeze out of the system. Becoming an adult is learning this art of sacrifice for the common good…did I really just say that?  Now who should decide what the common good is?  If you are me…and you are not…but I suggest the Bible is a good place to start.

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