i did it

i did it….wiped the pine office floor clean of baby slobber with my purple wool socked toes before sitting at the computer.

i did it…handed my daughter a frozen waffle for her Saturday morning breakfast to nibble on as she watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

i did it…strapped my nine month old in her car seat to hold her in one place long enough to take a nap next to her big sister watching Mickey. (Thankful of the Doctor who recommended this despicable practice due to her acid reflux.–that would be the car seat not the television…yeah, i did it)

i did it…cleaned my dinner mess this morning.

i did it…put on yesterdays jeans….you can speculate why.

i did it…and I will probably do it again…

i did it…asked the Lord to forgive me and lead me with his grace…

He did it.


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