Have A Cow….Pie



my little cowgirl had to break into her piggy bank to bay for nibbling this cowpie...she made her donation to the organization and gave the cookie to Boss Man

Hello, Mrs. Boss Man, this Mr. Cattle Buyer. How are you today.

I want to be friends with this lady...instead I put her in a double boiler

Well, Mr. Cattle Buyer, I am ‘up to my hands’ in cow pie.

Oh, well…that happens some time.

Is this a double boiler? No! This is a bowl of butter and pretty ladies patiently awaiting their smooth destiny.

No, No…not that cow pie…Cow Pie Cookies…for the cattle drive through town tomorrow….

These are the parts of the double boiler

Let me tell you how glad I am that the aroma of triple chocolate ooey-gooey Cow Pie Cookies was wafting through the rooms of my farm-house and not the aroma of Cowboy Lotion.

Now how did I obtain a recipe with such a name?  Does every farm/Ranch wife receive recipes of this sort at her bridal shower?

Tada! Double Boiler!

My fate was sealed with an email I received in late winter….”Kansas is celebrating 150 years of statehood….with a longhorn cattle drive through our tiny town”….

I was interested in attending the informational meetings…but I was already engaged in a cattle drive of my own…This Momma Cow was trying to prove herself capable of delivering with-out a C-section….I succeded in driving out my heifer and quickly realized my herd needed more attention than the impending cattle drive….

this looks so tasty...looks like ganache...let me save your tastebuds...it is not


seven months later….

the recipe called to sift..I tossed my sifter a few years ago because I rarely used it...enter my mesh strainer

Brrring…..Hello dear friend…may I trouble you to bake cookies for the cattle drive…we are having a bake sale raising funds for next months mission trip to Trinidad….we are improving a small church and preschool….we need Cow Pies.


I thought about not sifting--I mean why wouldn't a whisk work?

ohhh! That is why I need to sift....notice my Hudson Cream flour had no clumps....but those clumps of unsweetened cocoa would have been a cow pie surprise

Of course I said yes…how could I say no to my dear Sister in Christ….who runs an organization called Live Like Jesus Today….it was a true privilege to carry dozens of cow pies from my farm to town…..If you knew her you would like her, too.  I would scoop real cow pies all day to help this faithful woman…glad she only asked me to bake.

Was that how I received a recipe for something that translates Bovine Feces?  Not exactly…

one dozen eggs...that is a lot of eggs..twelve to be exact

It took a satellite dish and Google for the chocolate lovers delight to be brought to fruition in my kitchen..

add in two sticks melted butter and one pound of chocolate

Google and a blog about Ugly Foods

plus lump free flour and cocoa powder

which lead me to the  L.A. Times

and four pounds of chocolate chips...

Yes, in Los Angeles…the city full of beauty…. I found my recipe for Cow Pie Cookies


where they call them Ooey Gooey Double Chocolate Cookies.

cover and chill

I did cook my cow pie cookies to be a little more than gooey as they had to survive the Baja training course, a.k.a. drive into town

pile cow pies on your kitchen table

These are the first cookie I ever ate and craved a glass of milk…Next time I will use milk chocolate in the recipe.

try to get the best looking angle on a cow pie...using the baby blanket as a prop

The real question is who to make cow pie cookies for…my bible study ladies?  My sunday school class?  The Bunco group?  My sisters?  Because they are too rich to keep in this house….I wonder if our cowboys eat cow pies?

Cow Pie Cookies

Servings: one dozen

Note: Adapted from L.A. Times Adaption from Bret Thompson of Milk in Los Angeles.


1/4 pound (4 ounces)
unsweetened chocolate

4 tablespoons ( 1/2 stick) unsalted  butter


2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon baking

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 pound bittersweet chocolate (chunks or
chips) (I am using Ghiradeli milk chocolate next time)

1. In a bowl set over a pot of simmering water, melt the
unsweetened chocolate and butter. Remove from the heat and cool

2. In the bowl of a mixer with a paddle attachment, or
in a large bowl using a fork, combine the eggs, vanilla and sugar. Mix just
until incorporated and set aside.

3. Sift together the flour,
cocoa powder, baking powder and salt into a medium bowl. Set

4. Add the melted chocolate to the egg mixture and mix
just until combined. Stir in the sifted dry ingredients and mix just until
combined, then stir in the bittersweet chocolate.

5. Cover the batter
with plastic
wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour to chill thoroughly.
Heat the oven to 350 degrees.

6. Grease Hands and 1/3 cup dry measure–scoop out dough–shape into ball… Place the balls on a greased, parchment-lined sheetpan, leaving 2 to 3 inches between each. (and if you run out of parchment paper wax paper will prevent the cookies from sticking…just be prepared for the wax to melt off the paper…the oven to start smoking and the house to no longer smell of yummy choocolate cookies.)
7. Bake until the
of the cookies are just set and the center is still soft, 10 to 12
minutes, rotating the pan halfway through. Let the cookies cool for a minute or so then place the cookies, still on the
parchment, on a rack and cool completely before serving. They will be very soft.



  1. Krystal Kuykendall says:

    i love it!!! Cowpie cookies… love the first pic of the cookie with a nibble out of it, you should send it into a magazine. beautiful pic

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