Cooking 101

Earlier this month Pippi asked to make our lunch….


I suggested peanut butter and jelly….a meal she has made before…and let her do it on her own….she found the bread and peanut butter next to the toaster….The jelly in the fridge and the knife and spoon….I nursed her baby sister reminiscing how happy I was when Pippi could find her pure milk meal without my aid…you lactating mothers know how much easier your life is when the baby can find and latch with out the use of pillows…and every available hand, elbow and knee.

I soon picked up the camera in time to catch my independent daughter scooping spoonfuls of blueberry jelly into her mouth…I made a mental note to not use that jar for the rest of the family…..then I caught this image….

I let her eat this masterpiece….I made my own.


  1. I just posted about PB&J’s too….but a smoothie. ….and I didn’t have a picture of the cutest little girl ever. :)

  2. Did you write her name on the jelly jar? Don’t want Boss man to use it by mistake.
    I love her way of smoothing out the peatnut butter.

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