Photography 101

Hobbies are good for the mind….

I settled into my green garage sale accent chair (that reminds me of my other hobby…garage sale in the local town this saturday) determined to learn how to focus this silly camera…I love the image quality but we have had an operator error…my point and shoot focuses better…then again maybe it is a nikon/canon thing….

I read what the two inch thick owners manual recommended and aimed at Pippi….She maybe the cutest thing in the area but she moves too fast for me so I choose the next cutest thing… my foot…ok not very cute but hey it usually stays where I need it to stay.

I was fighting the auto focusing red dots in my view finder when my Mom-sense detected movement…

caught pink-handed

My owner’s manual was in the process of being swiped by a gloved thief….

Did I mention hobbies are good for the heart… giggling with my mischevious four year old makes my heart go pitter patter.


  1. krystal kuykendall says:

    Too Cute… Love the purple hat :) and i can not believe that it cold enough for y’all to be wearing hats and gloves as we have went back to the 101…102 and we shall see what tomorrow holds.

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