A Buck for You

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away….a few hundred feet from my porch…which is technically far, far away from most of you…

the Good Lord created a fine specimen of a buck named…. well I do not know his name so I will call him Henry.   I hope Henry returns soon so that I may capture his image on my new camera. (Yes, I do understand that Henry probably is no more after several hunting seasons but I can hope…..)

These maybe Henry’s progeny and no this doe did not have quintuplets–

I assume she was baby sitting…we have sets of two, three and four fawns with one doe at any time…the other doe was with a wandering fawn just out of view.  Today, I finally saw three does and eight fawns at the same time…I wonder if they have a babysitting co-op?

(These are old photos but I wanted to clear them out of my mind before posting the pretty photos I took of a set of twin Bambi fawns!)




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