Harvest Sky

I invited Pippi’s friend Bee for a play date today.

The problem was they needed a nap before a birthday party tonight.

My baby also needed a nap–not a problem she fell asleep quickly.

Then I read each girl a book–One book for Pippi and ‘I am a Dinosaur’ for Bee…I remember because Pippi and I had to search through stacks and stacks of books to find the littlest dinosaur book her guest had requested.  Mission accomplished…girls in bed, books read, music on….Good Night girls (I say Good Night even at nap time for lack of a better term–any ideas for a better term?)

And they were going to sleep……

pitter patter pitter patter…..or not.

I tucked them in again and kissed their sweet little forheads….I checked on them a little while later…..whew, they were asleep.

Only to hear pit pat pit pat….little Bee soon explained she was only pretending to sleep.

Three hours later and she never did take a nap…No wonder she always wants to come to my house.

Oh, you want to know about the photos–Harvest has started with a few fields of High Moisture corn for cattle….we haul it to a local feedlot.  My baby and I enjoyed the sunset while Pippi rode in the combine with Boss Man.


  1. Krystal Kuykendall says:

    your photos are BEAUTIFUL!! I cant wait to see what they look like with your new camera :)

    • It is here….Everyone I know should take cover for I am coming out shooting! P.S. God’s Beautiful Creation is an easy subject—it looks good in any light and from every angle.

  2. What a great post!

    • Oh that is sweet! I am glad you enjoyed it–Oh, I know you are waiting for your high mositure corn to be delivered…

      think about it for a minute…..

      Yes, I did just call you a cow….. .I like the way you MOOOOOO!

  3. I just finished reading your latest post and was looking through some of your older ones. I don’t know if you found an answer to your question to “What do you say at naptime?” I used to say “Nap, Nap” like in “Night, Night”…or sometimes even “Good Nap”….that way if I slipped up, it wasn’t that much of a biggie!

  4. I love those pics! Sunrises and sunsets rock! I find myself saying that to my little girl at naptime too! 😉

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