Thunder Rolls

My father-in-law is a tall, quiet, farmer.

He is does not say much so I find myself dissecting his few words…you know, reading into things.

Eight years ago, with my wedding day approaching, I studied everything uttered from that man’s moustached mouth nearly as close as I did Boss Man’s.  I wanted to know my future husband better than I knew myself and I was certain his Father was a great resource…granted a resource that was not open to the public but I was ready to gather ‘the scoop’ in tiny engraved baby spoonfuls.

A month before the wedding, Boss Man’s sister, mother and I were gathered in their sunny farm kitchen discussing details upon details of how to make me into a F-A-R-M W-I-FE  (I just realized those are both four letter words–interesting.) When,  Mr. Reserved Father-In-Law  surprised us with a suggestion for the ceremony….a special song for a special day:

The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks


I laughed because he was teasing Boss Man’s sister about her collection of Garth Brooks music…

I laughed because this was his first and only suggestion for the wedding…

I laughed because I could not imagine the string quartet I had chosen playing beautiful classical music interrupted with The Thunder Rolls as we walked down the aisle (Boss)Man and Wife.

Then clips from The Thunder Rolls music video on CMT flashed through my mind.




Throwing Things….


My Father-in-Law was suggesting I play a cheating song at my wedding!

Hee hee! Hee Hee. I think I need to pee-hee hee!

The poor man was pecked to near death by us hens as we groaned with laughter. He spouted out the first song that came to mind-unaware he had suggested a cheating song for his first born’s wedding.

I was embarrassed for him.  Which is why I laughed harder and harder until I did need to pee….it is what I do when I am embarrassed…I laugh until I can take cover…say in a bathroom.


I have never ‘laughed until I peed my pants’…well never in my pre-vaginal child-birth days….light bulb moment: Did that saying come about after a group of moms laughed so hard they peed their pants? Or can anyone laugh until they pee their pants?  Do men?  Do Kiddos?

Do you know anyone who laughed so hard they peed their pants?

Of course you and I would never do such a thing…but those goofy people we call friends and family now they are another story…..hold on I am friends of family with most of you…

Does that make me or you goofy?  One..two..three..not me!



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