Marching in Poop

I could not choose a winner…the responses were all by my favorite people….so I asked Boss Man who honestly said he did not think any of the suggestions “stood out.” So I tried to choose…I picked each entrant as the winner and paused before publishing.

Then my daughter walked in the office…I showed her the picture… her the comments…and shook my head at my four-year old’s response.

Leave it to my daughter to sneak in potty language….then force me to check the spelling of such a word…I was wrong but now I know p o o space p o o.

Pippi’s Winning Title:  “Three by three, they are marching everywhere going poo poo in their diaper”

I think that means Elizabeth is the winner!  Congrats Poo Poo Head!

Thanks  for the comments…I had fun reading all of them.




  1. I would leave an idea, but I think at this point that is cheating because no one else has competed yet. I’ll wait until someone else gives a response. :)

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